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Diet Tips For Working Woman

You must have heard most of the time that woman need more healthy diet than man. Why? Because they work as compare to man. They have double work schedule.  They must maintain a right and diet schedule.
Here are some tips they should follow:
  1. Bring Homemade Food : It is very important for a lady to bring homemade food to office. They must avoid having meal from office cafeteria. Bring homemade tiffin of your own choice.
  1. Avoid Processed Food: It is advisable to every woman to processed food as much as they can. Now this is the time to clean out your kitchen from processed food and bring fresh vegetables at your home.
  1. Have a Balanced Diet : In order to keep yourself healthy, you must have a balanced diet. Your lunch box must have one leafy vegetable daily. Try to have one milk product daily as woman needs more calcium.
  1. Do Not Consume Junk Food At Work : Try to avoid junk food daily at office. It is advisable to carry some fruits or healthy snacks like dry fruits, sweet potato fries, pop corn snacks if you feel hungry in between working hours.
  1. Drink Enough Water : Always carry a water bottle with you at office. Try to avoid drinking water from office.

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Top 10 Places To Visit In India

  1. Part In Goa – It is the that you must visit in your twenties. This season break the dance floor in Goa and enjoy the boozy, beachy and amazing nightlife of Goa.
  2. Treak On The Hills Of Mcleodganj – These summers Mountain is calling you to enjoy the beauty of Nature. Come and enjoy the joy of camping with
  3. Ghats In Banaras – Visit the Banaras and enjoy the beautiful ghats and the aartis. This is the place to visit after you turn 30. 1111
  4. Stay Overnight At Marine Drive – Mumbai is all about bollywood and its people. Enjoy some days in Mumbai with vada pao in one hand and rides in
  5. Visit The Scotland Of The South – This is called the Scotland of South India. Visit the never forgetting hill station of
  1. Kolkata At The Time Of Durga Puja – This Is the time when whole city come together and enjoy the divine festival of Kolkata. Experience the culture with Bengali delicacies
  2. Visit Taj Mahal – One Of The Seven Wonders Of The World – This is called the symbol of love. This must be the place to visit in your
  3. Spirit In Kerala – A trip to God’s own country is a must. Visit and live the green trees, crazy wildlife and much more in
  4. Celebrate Festival Of Colors In Mathura – This festive season enjoy the raas-leela of Vrindavan. This would be the best experience of your
  5. Go Paragliding In Solang – This is the time to explore your wild side and go crazy. Visit this place soon for paragliding.

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How to prepare for wedding Dance


Indian wedding functions are incomplete without Bollywood latka jhatkas. Here are the top 5 Bollywood wedding songs that will set your guests tapping their feet all throughout.
  1. Baby Ko Base Pasand Hai – This is brand new song from the movie Sultan. It is surely on the top of your wedding dance songs.
    Wedding Dance
  2. Ainvayi Ainvayi – This is the song from the Bollywood hit movie Band Baja Barat. This must be in the list of your wedding dance songs. This is a great dance for Dance.
  3. London Thumakda - This Punjabi style number from Kangana Ranaut starrer “Queen” will have even your grandmother doingthumkas on the dance floor.
  4. Radha On The Dance Floor - This peppy song from “Student Of The Year” will have everyone grooving, from your youngest cousin to your oldest aunt. You just can’t leave this song from dancing.
  5. Sadi Gali - Sadi Gali is another typical Punjabi number. It is perfectly apt for weddings. It is a hot, peppy and very entertaining number from the movie “Tanu Weds Manu.”
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How Hire Wedding and Event planner
Professional Chief
  1. Save Your Time : Hiring professional chef is useful because you are already busy in doing lots of work. You must be busy with planning your events and all.
  2. Your Place Must Be With Your Guests : At your party your place must be with your guests not in the kitchen. So enjoy the party at fullest.
  3. Quality Food: Professional chefs are expert in making quality food. Make your party memorable with highest quality food. If the food is not of high quality then your guest will not going to enjoy the party.
  4. Professional Service : As well as providing the food itself, some catering companies also provide a professional waiting service. It is very important to have professional waiting staff to ensure your guests are looked after
  5. Variety Of Food : By hiring professional chef, you can have access to many style of different foods depending on the occasion.
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Top 5 Tips for Stay healthy in Winter

When temperature drops and windows and door remain shutting, this is the time when health complications increases. That’s why it is very essential to take care of your health properly in winters.
  1. Boost Immunity: This winter season to boost your immunity try to consume a range of fresh green leafy vegetables. You can also boost your immunity by consuming more of ginger and vitamin 'C'.
  2. Keep Walking: Keep yourself moving in winters as much as you can. Do exercise daily to keep yourself fit. It will help in supporting your immune system.
  3. Weight Management: Ditching the exercise as well as the salads during winter can often lead to weight gain. While it may only be a small weight gain, it begins to add up as you get more and more winters under your belt. Or you can go for different option also like concerned Dietician , heir Fitness TrainerMeditation Trainer .Some us use to join Yoga ClassesZumba Classes.
  4. Eating Right: In winter season try to have more and more quantity of soup in your meal. Make sure your meal includes winter vegetables and fruits.                                            c
  1. Keeping Bugs At Bay: Although we do a lot of efforts to keep our selves healthy and fit but it is possible to catch cold and flu very easily. The viruses that cause colds are spread by sneezing , coughing and hand contacts. Wash or sanitize your hands regularly to avoid chances of infection.
These are some useful tips for keeping us healthy in winter. And if we think about our grand member  in our family they need special attention because there immunity system is not so strong (like suffering from joint pain, headache, backache, insomnia, pain and fatigue). In this case we have to take concerned of Physiotherapist ,and some season of Accupressure it help to Heal yourself to relieve stress.

"Don't Eat Less, Eat Right!! "

Top 5 point while hiring CA(CHARTED ACCOUNTANT)

A business can reach its high, only when it has a strong financial base. The charted Accountants mostly work under some firms. So it is very important to check all these firms before hiring. The larger accounting firm provides better services. Here are some points to consider before hiring a charted accountant:
  1. Hire An Experienced Professional: One should always go for experienced professional. This is because they have better analytical skills.

  2. Consider Referrals: Every one go by word of mouth while hiring charted accountant. It gives double assurance to the people.

  3. Hire Only Licensed People: Every person to get into the profession of accountancy has to get a certain degree of education. So before hiring any professional for your firm check this aspect.

  4. Check Business Need: Before hiring any profession from the firm, Check out you business needs. Determine what all services you need from the charted accountant.

  5. Ask What They ChargeAsk them how much they charge for services because money matters. You have to quantify what their fee includes.

But always remember "Only charted accountant can save the world ! Through peace, goodwill and reconciliations".

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TOP 10 Stunning Stage Decoration Ideas For Indian Weddings

The most important and attractive part of any Indian wedding is its center stage. This stage gets maximum attention. Here are some of the best stage decoration ideas for Indian weddings
  1. Flowers & Lights: No decoration looks complete without flowers and light. The combination of lights and flowers looks stunning at the background of stage.
  2. Satin Drapes : This style is perfect for any wedding . This type of decoration gives classy and elegant look to your wedding. You can choose the color as per your wedding theme.
  3. Royal Wedding : The color of gold gives royal look to your wedding. Create a classic center stage with artificial pillars of royal colors. This will also look great in your photographs.
  4. Pearly White : Pearly white decoration gives royal image to your wedding. It gives mystical and classy feeling. The decoration of flowers with pearly look gives sophisticated look.
  5. Red and Gold : Red is the color of love. Both color have a great importance in Indian wedding. A drape in gold and red gives royal feeling.

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